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Baky Hospitality Group owns and operates a unique collection of inspired dining destinations. Never satisfied with the status quo, the Baky team is redefining the idea of modern hospitality by elevating its offerings beyond the basics and into the realm of complete experiences – distinct, fulfilling, and memorable. 

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SACHI offers a cosy space where guests can enjoy a distinguished set of flavours picked from a Mediterranean-Asian curated menu. 

Sachi’s most famous dishes include the Chateaubriand - a sharing dish which is a

South-African cut of meat and pairs perfectly with a glass of red Alesana wine, also, - noteworthy dishes include the Salmon Salad and SACHI’S hand-cut fries while SACHI’S signature cocktail is the refreshing Thyme Gimlet.

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“Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.” —Brad Henry

KAŹOKU’s Japanese name meaning family follows the concept of “chosen family” and the strong bond that ties them together.

Synonymous with its legendary signature dishes, the Black Cod and the Chilean Seabass, KAŹOKU offers a true contemporary Japanese cuisine while establishing “The Art of Dining” within its minimal yet vibrant environment.

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A comfortable modern Italian restaurant with a rich character, LEXIE’S, has a relaxed atmosphere and a spacious sleek interior suitable for dining as well as hosting it’s well-known brunches.

We work hard on creating trendsetting new dishes using locally available and imported ingredients that aim to satisfy all taste palates. LEXIE’S menu is known for serving house-made and hand-made pastas and pizzas.


Every dish at LEXIE’S has its own story rooted in the traditional Italian cuisine with added modern touches that tell the story of our team and our skilled chefs.

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SHINKŌ is a cocktail bar and lounge where every cocktail tells a story.

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Shinkō’s skilled and passionate bartenders illustrate the art of crafting cocktails. Adding to it our resident DJ’s live music mixing, all make up the essence of Shinkō’s spirit. The hand-cut block of ice and the Frosted Martini are SHINKŌ’s signatures alongside our famous bottle service; Where our guests can enjoy a variety of cocktails from our menu using their own bottle of alcohol.


The name SHINKŌ is the Japanese word for faith.

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REIF offers beautifully unconventional Japanese cuisine, an edgy and affordable version of Kushiyaki – the freshly-grilled, skewered meats inspired by Japanese robata restaurants.

The food menu, created by Chef Reif Othman, is devoted to the many different parts of the chicken – neck to tail.

A family-style restaurant franchised from Dubai that combines the highest level of service (delivered personally by the chefs themselves); meticulously chosen, quality ingredients and signature mocktails all served in a serenely designed and welcoming interior.

Find us at  5A by The Waterway and Marassi Marina.

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The name Megumi is the Japanese word for “Blessing”

A Japanese cocktail room concept, Megumi presents a variety of classic and twisted cocktails, with its signature “ Megumi Punch” and various of delightful plates with a convivial atmosphere and hospitality many have come to enjoy during the summer season.

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