Baky Hospitality’s priority is to welcome those that dine in our restaurants as we would guest in our home. We take our work seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously. Always trying to reinvent, we try to be creative, flexible and spontaneous.  Our aim that everyone in our team follows our principles and values. Each decision must be inspired by the company’s Be Humble philosophy, it determines the attitude and principles of the management, and in turn it determines the future success of our company.



At Baky Hospitality it’s our mission to create an atmosphere that is fun, hospitable, and devoted to positively impacting our people’s lives. We have built a strong culture with an emphasis on supporting our employees and encouraging their growth and development. A career with Baky Hospitality is an opportunity to discover and pursue your passion while learning and challenging yourself.


Achievements of Baky Hospitality are rooted in its teams of passionate people. They come from all types of backgrounds and have a variety of skills, but all share the same joy in making other people happy through delicious food, drinks and wonderful hospitality. 

At Baky Hospitality, we think it's cool to care. We prefer ability, ambition and enthusiasm over experience, and strive to build a team of diverse people committed to contribution and excellence.


Developing a clear set of skills and constantly improving on it is a recipe for success. You will find our company’s skills to be matching those of our team, that is because alignment to us is of utmost importance when trying to accomplish our vison.


Our success is rooted in our teams of passionate and dedicated people.

We come from all types of backgrounds and have a variety of skills, but we all share the joy of making people happy through delicious food, drinks and outstanding hospitality services.



At Baky Hospitality we are always looking for great people to join our team. 

Even if you don't see the opportunity you're looking for, we would still love to hear from you. There may be a place for you in our team as we grow.


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