To enhance the guest’s experience, Baky management decided to fly all the way to Italy to make their special wine label... and Alesana was created. Alesana means powerful and complete and it is the combination of the name of Baky’s precious ladies, Alexa, Sasha and Tina. Every empty bottle is filled with a great story.



Alesana’s Sangiovese, comes from the vineyards of Terre di Chieti in where it is matured. A beautifully balanced red wine, accentuated by abundant strawberry and sour black cherry notes and with a unique scent of wood.

Best served at 17°c, paired with savory first courses, roasted red meats, cheese and spicy food.


Alesana’s Pinot Grigio is a medium dry white wine, accented by abundant aromas of pear and peach, with soft notes of hay chamomile.

Our Alesana is an excellent companion to savory first courses, salt cured meats, fish and cheese. Best served at 12 ° c.


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